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Our Company is always buzzing with news and updates, and as part of my services We are pleased to share some of the most relevant articles and posts. Stay tuned for more and contact us with any questions or remarks.



The fill shall be manufactured from rigid polyvinylchloride (PVC) thermoplastic with
UV protection, especially formulated for use in cooling tower applications and meet
CTI STD-136. For operating temperatures above 140°F/60C, but not exceeding
150°F/65C, the material shall be HPVC
OF-21ma (Offset-Fluted) Film Fill is designed for high thermal performance, low pressure drop and high fouling-resistant.

HTP-25 (Hybrid Trickle Pac) Fill Media

HTP-25 (Hybrid Trickle Pac) Fill Media is an injection- molded, counterflow film fill product that combines the advantages of both droplet and film cooling in one module. The highly-engineered drip design provides maximum thermal performance. The field-proven, environmentally-friendly “MA Assembly” technology eliminates the need for adhesives, solvents, or heat welding. And the open, offset-flute, fouling-resistant design is ideal for applications where the circulating water has very high levels of suspended solids.


Newly designed, third generation line of splash bars, offering the highest performance of any bar on the market.
• Anti-fouling design, for use in highly compromised waters •Provides the most uniform droplet distribution of any
splash bar design
• Installs 50% faster than standard splash bars when used with the Brentwood SpeedGrid system
•QuickLock technology eliminates the need for splash bar fasteners

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 17.20.41.png

PN 915 Splash Bar

Counterflow & Crossflow Splash Grid

PN Solution Provider PN915-Splash Grid panel, is an excellent, cost effective selection for your counterflow and crossflow cooling tower with dirty or brackish or even high inlet water application. It make an ideal choice
for cooling tower used in steel industries, sugar industries, power

plants and pulp & paper industries. It is made out of durable and trouble free with polypropylene (PP) material that is resistant
to acids, oil and alkalis.

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